Is this possible to pass variables via the Rest API to Query JSON via SQL

Multiple parts here. I'm pulling an API response based on a selected row, and using the REST API Get and passing the variable through. This works great.{{ }}/projects

However, I need to know join this data together with a SQL, so I have Query JSON via SQL, however, this is not working.

The error message I am getting back from the API is that the {personid} is not passed along (i.e. - {{ }}).

I'm new to Retool so I may but approaching this in the wrong process.

Thank you

Hi @bsteiger again. You can hover on the {{ }} so you can see the current value; you can also open the left panel (cmd+b on mac) to check the data/JSON of your resources and components. Check as well that you didn't allow "selecting multiple rows". If you can add screenshots on your Query JSON via SQL, that'll be great in helping you on this.

Hey @bsteiger, after taking @jocen's suggestions it may be helpful for you to post a screenshot of your Query JSON with SQL query if that's something you're comfortable with, as well as the specific error messaging you're getting for context :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to resolve this - I had bad syntax in my query.