Is there any event regarding going down to the end of the List Collection in the Mobile Version?

Hello there pals, I'm developing a DataList mobile application using a JSON API with pagination. I want to set up the Data List to only display the first 10 rows, and load more only when I reach to the end of the List. I've researched and only found how to configure the pagination when having a Retool table for web version, there's no documentation about that topic for Mobile and I don't even find an event for that feature, like the "onEndReached" built in React Native.

Thank you so much to whoever respond to this issue of mine :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @Francisco_Pautt Thanks for reaching out! It looks like our mobile team is working on support for pagination for collection lists--I can let you know when that ships!

How many records do you have? Is it possible to load them all? You may be able to create a button that the user can click to get the next page of data