Is there a better way to remove an element from a Temp State Variable?

The only technique I have found to remove an array element from a temp state var is to extract the array, splice the element out and use setIn() to replace the original array with the new one.

Is there a better way to do this?

I haven't used setIn() (I didn't know about it until just now). I was doing something similar this past week though, and this was the solution I came up with:

My temp state has a structure like this:

Here is my little toy app where I was working out the idea.
localDbTest.json (75.1 KB)

Hmmm, that is a little weird and I must confess I had to download your app and test it out as I almost didn't believe it would work!

You are modifying the temp state value directly, but you must then set it to itself to get it to register with the environment.


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I think setIn (or resetting the state value like Ben is doing) is the best/only way for now. I’ll double check with the team to see if they have any other methods!