Is it possible to gather after a Loop?

Is it possible to perform an action after a Loop such that it performs upon the completion of the Loop? Right now, any blocks connected to the output of a loop (and any connected to the output of those) only have access to a single row of data at a time. I would expect there to be a second connect output from a Loop, similar to how there are two connections out of an If-Else block.

Unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be an "After Completion" block for a loop. I'm on 3.4.4 of self-hosted Retool.

I'm on 3.14.4 self-hosted, the output connection to Loop is getting the full results not single row.

I don't have a 3.4.4 instance to test, so maybe upgrade your environment to later version will help.

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Hello! Any block after the loop block will run after loop completion and have access to all results, so you should be good to just start using the results from the loop. Are you running into any specific issues? :slight_smile: