Is it possible to connect and build CRUD tables for Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouse using Retool?

I'm interested in using the retool platform to create a GUI interface for my work colleagues to be able to view and update tables that are sitting on a Microsoft Fabric data warehouse.. Is this possible with retool ????

I can see there are connectors to AWS RedShift / Athena , but not connection to Fabric. !!!

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Hey @Okba, we don't have a native integration with Fabric. Did a quick glance at their docs but don't see any connection information. If the have an API, connection string etc, then it's potentially possible to connect to Retool but would need more information on how to connect to be sure.

Hi @joeBumbaca ,

I'm also interested in getting connected to the Fabric Lakehouse. It provides a SQL endpoint, usually in the form:

Looking at the connection specifications, here: Connectivity to data warehousing - Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn

The main pre-requisite is the authentication mechanism - SQL logins not supported
Only AAD/Entra identities are supported.

If you read down the page: Connectivity to data warehousing - Microsoft Fabric | Microsoft Learn

We're just in the process of getting our firewall rules to allow our Retool appliance out to the SQL endpoint - but I'm not sure how the auth will work or if Retool's MSSQL drivers will be up to the task. If I get somewhere early next week, I'll report back but in the meantime this should help you.



Ok, got a bit further sooner than I anticipated - Infra were feeling generous this afternoon and lifted the firewall for me to test...

Established a handshake but was dropped because:

Tried to tick the box and enable SSL/TLS, but then got:


That's as far as I could take things. I don't think it's even getting to the point where it's processing my creds.

I tried adding some extra Connection Options via the input boxes - like this:

But that doesn't seem to make any difference.

I wanted to try playing with connection strings but the option to import them doesn't make sense to me - it doesn't like the format of the connection strings I'm using and I didn't want to spend hours at the end of a Friday trying to figure this out if you come back and say it isn't possible...

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@dcsearle Thanks for all the extra information! It looks like there is support for the SQL connection string via OBDC driver.
Any third-party tool can use the SQL Connection string via ODBC

We do have a generic JDBC connector that may work, can you switch to that vs the MSSQL resource type?

@joeBumbaca - I just looked at the JDBC idea... as we're on-prem it means making some changes to our environment which I'd rather not do if it's just a hunch at this stage. Do your product teams have any way of testing this and confirming the course of action? Just feels like we're guessing a bit at this stage...

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@joeBumbaca - There's some more detailed information on connecting to Azure Data Explorer endpoints (which we believe is what Fabric uses), using JDBC here:

I'm reaching a bit of an impass so will raise a support request alongside this forum post. I've tried setting up JDBC based on the documentation but nothing is working for me and it's getting quite time consuming... I feel like Retool should be able to expand on their MS SQL resource connector here but not sure if that's coming anytime soon?

If you have any contacts who could help, please feel free to pass this on.


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@dcsearle Thanks for all the extra information and effort here. I'll definitely start a discussion around this internally and see if we can get this working. Will update here as we get any new information.

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@joeBumbaca @Okba ,

I've figured a few bits out and posted a guide here:

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Thanks so much for posting that @dcsearle! Great write up!!