Is Data Inserted/Updated into Retool Databases Automatically Encrypted?

I'm creating an application using Retool and wanted to ask whether text data stored in my Retool database (usernames, passwords, etc.) is automatically encrypted using an encryption algorithm.

I heard that requests made to the database are always encrypted, but I was unsure whether the data actually in the database is automatically encrypted (using a SHA algorithm, etc.). In Retool's database examples, I saw that customer information was not encrypted, so I assumed that database information is automatically made readable to Retool developers and decrypted (but encrypted on Retool's end).

If not, are there any resources on Retool to encrypt information in a database quickly?

i believe the crypto JS library is automatically embedded, so you should have access to just about all the useful encryption you'll need with that.


Thank you so much! I will look into this.

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