Internal Server Error

I am running a query and afterwards a code where bunch of links come from the sql query and we run a python script over it in a next loop, however the script is showing error message: * error{"error":true,"message":"Internal server error"}, the script is running fine in anyother interface, the libraries are also the one's already present in the retool. Please resolve this issue.

Hi! I'm the engineer working on Python in workflows, and it'd be helpful to gather more context on the bug that you are seeing. What environment are you running Retool in (cloud or self-hosted), and what libraries are you importing? That would help me narrow down what the potential issue could be.

Hey, there are many libraries like selenium, that don't work in retool yet (I guess it yet have to uploaded), the problem was that i already had one working workflow, so i was creating one another and there I wasn't able to run my code but the same ran smoothly in the previous workflow. So it is majorly workflow problem i guess.

I'd be happy to take a closer look if there was a support ticket (feel free to mention me directly too) because it's hard for me to understand what the issue here is without seeing the code.