Integrating internal components to custom HTML components

I am trying to come up with a retool app. I have a custom HTML Table that I have designed as the internal table doesn't fit my requirements. Please find the sample below. I would like to insert a modal button here.

				<th>Table Name</th>
					<td>**[insert modal button component here]**</td>

Another thing I would like to do is to map data onto the internal components. for instance, I would like to have a text input component. so in short, after I add these components to my HTML code, I be able to manipulate them like other components. for example, populate the text input with data from a query.

Hi @Ngoci, Here's a link to our docs on building a Custom Component! These docs show how you can pass data to your Custom Component from your Retool app (link) and how you can pass data to your app from your Custom Components (link). I hope that helps!