Installing Retool Onprem using Kubesail

Hi everyone,

I'm attempting to deploy retool onprem using Kubesail, which allows for easy deployment of a docker container using Kubernetes with some automation. I'm following all of the steps for installation of retool on Kubernetes and I'm hitting this error. I've updated the retool-jobs-runner.yaml and retool-container.yaml with the following version:

image: tryretool/backend:2.105.1

The error that I'm seeing:

Starting Container image build... This may take a moment!
INFO[0000] Using dockerignore file: /opt/repo/eharvey71/retool-pibox/.dockerignore
INFO[0000] Retrieving image manifest tryretool/backend:X.Y.Z
INFO[0000] Retrieving image tryretool/backend:X.Y.Z from registry
error building image: GET MANIFEST_UNKNOWN: manifest unknown; unknown tag=X.Y.Z

Any ideas as to why my installation still looks for X.Y.Z as opposed to my specified version?

Hi @eharv! Thanks for reaching out to our community :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm, typically this error means you need to update your docker file in the root directory with a version number (replacing X.Y.Z). Can you share some screenshots of your set up? (Feel free to send via dm or block out any important info)