Inserting an array into postgresdb using a JS query

I have a JS Query that triggers a SQL GUI using an array made by a transformer, but i cant get it to work

const array = comment_array_maker.value;
var len = comment_array_maker.value.length;

for (var i=0;i<len;i++) {
  const row = array[i];
    additionalScope : {
    source_id: row[0],
    doc_id: row[1],
    url: row[2],
    time_inserted: row[3],
    operator_name: row[4],
    operator_comment: row[5],
    source_comment: row[6],
    match_code: row[7],
    match_type: row[8]

If my js Query is correct what am i supposed to put in the postgresdb insert query?

In SQL GUI, it should be something like this.

In you case is source_id -- {{source_id}}

here is a guide

and some related docs

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