Initial data for form doesn't work with select input

Hi, I have a select query that I am using as the source of initial data for a form container.

All text and number inputs get populated correctly but not my select inputs.

What am I doing wrong?



You should use the Mapped field and select the query that should be populating that dropdown(select field) - that is if I am reading your question correctly.

Hmm, I don't get it.

If I use mapped options I just get the end result but I can select anymore:

I solved the issue by deactivating the initial data value in the form container and instead filled out the default value part of each individual input.

I think this is some kind of bug.

OK Now I understand what you were trying to do...
Check out this doc

Thanks @ScottR and @Rupur!

I haven't been able to reproduce a bug here yet :thinking:

It seems that if you clear the default value while using Manual, this carries over by default when you switch to Mapped, but if you create a brand new segmented control component, don't make any changes, and switch it to Mapped, it should accurate set the default value using self