Influencing workflow state through an app

So i currently have a workflow running sends out review invites to a chosen reviewplatform.

Now to change where we want to focus our review invites, we manually disonnect the line connecting one platform and attach it to the one we want to focus on.

To make this more user friendly i'd like to create a small Retool app. Where the one in charge of declaring where the reviews need to go, can simply select one of the platforms and it would just change the output in the workflow.

Is there an easy way to do this that im not seeing? Ive thought of a workaround where it would just write the chosen platform to a database table and the workflow would just read that table to decide where it needs to go.

Hi @MarketingZD, welcome to the community :wave:

Are you using Retool Workflows for this?

If yes, you can add a parameter that takes in values like platform1, platform2, etc. to the webhook trigger of your Retool Workflow. This way, you can dictate the path that workflow will take depending on the platform.

If not, can you investigate if you can replicate the same scenario above in the other tool you're using?

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Hi Jocen,

Im indeed using retool workflows and that makes a lot of sense, im going to try and implement this and make it work!