Increase the speed of dashboard

I am experiencing a lot of lag while the dashboard get loaded. It get slower with the increase in the data. Is there a solution to this?

Hey again!

If this dashboard is the same one as from this question:, then I think you may be loading in a pretty significant amount of data. Seeing the dashboard slow down as you increase the amount of data is somewhat expected, and the slower of an internet connection your users have the longer it will take to load.

Is it possible to return the results that you are looking for from your SQL queries, instead of the entire raw data? For example:


Instead of:


And then referencing {{}} inside of your UI to calculate the count using javascript. Both options end up with a single count returned, but the second option involves downloading the entire db table into your browser and evaluating it with JS.

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Hey, this is not a same question. Every time the app opens it takes really long to load. So, I was wondering what could be the cause.

Are you working with the same data source in this app? Even if it isn't hitting that 500mb limit, it's still entirely possible to lock up your browser if you are pulling in a smaller data set to populate the UI and recalculate all of the dependencies inside of the app. For comparison, most websites end up loading around 2-4mb of data