Incorrect table page size

Noticed today that the pageSize variable for tables appears to be off by one at certain table heights.

Specifically if a table is 8 units tall, the table will render 10 items in the list but report a pageSize of 9.

You can recreate this by creating a blank Retool app, then adjusting query1 to query from the credits table (the default table has only 9 elements), then adjusting the height of the table to 8 units tall. If you then look at the table’s component state, you’ll notice the pageSize is 9 instead of 10.

I’ve included a sample image below.

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I’ve also run into this issue. pageSize is correct with 6 rows, but with 8 rows, it shows up as 7 and with 10 rows, it shows up as 9.

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@colin @nacho you guys are right, this is totally off. Sharing with the team


Hello @nacho and @colin. We just pushed an update that should fix table.pageSize. Will you give it a try and see that it’s getting the right number for your tables?