Improved Scripts Issue


I had a popup stating that retools have improved the speed of the scripts, and I would like to try it out. I clicked to accept, but I now have a weird error on my table and am unsure how to fix it.

Screenshot 2023-03-02 081251

Everything worked fine, and I did not have the error before accepting the change.

Could this be a bug? If not, could anybody point me in the correct direction to 'define' the CurrentLocation column?

Thanks, Nathan

Having similar issue, it looks like the new version is having issue with underscore.js?

Looking into this!

Thanks for reaching out. Can we have your permission to take a look at the app?

Hi, Yes, I have no issue with you viewing my app.

The app's name is "Gauge Management - Gauge List."

I can see some of the errors in the console box. Below are some of them.

Hi this issue should now be fixed. let us know if you notice anything else.


@yyjhao Thank you.