Images in URL not appearing in image

Hi there,

Hit a snag.

Retool table shows public image URL:

Image component set to display selected image:

But when row selected no image is displayed:

Any help greatly appreciated.

if you try to hover over the variable it shows you a tooltip with the current value. Does it return the value correctly? Also try to copy the url and search it and see if the image does actually still exist.

Thanks, HanirTxZ it says 'undefined' the URL works.

Alright that may be happening because you are using the wrong variable. Are you sure the 'ImageURL' is the actual variable name and not just the mapped name?

If you press ctrl+b it will show you a sidebar where you can see all the components and their keys. You can check the actual name there.

yeah seems to be the actual variable and not just mapped name

@HanirTxZ problem solved 'allow selecting multiple rows' was turned on!