Image not showing while URL is correct

in the list the image is showing correct but in the detail view I created a image-control and the URL is correct (as you see in the image) bute the image doesn't get displayed, any suggestions?

it just doesn't work on desktop, when I use the retool-app on android the images get shown.
in listview the images get shown on desktop also

Are you using an older version of the component.... also what version of Retool are you on? And this is a mobile app? You should probably place the {{yourcode}} under the JS tab as noted below...
Perhaps it's when in editor mode only?
Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 9.13.40 AM

hi, I'm using editor, I don't see a version
and I don't see the JS-Tab ~~
yes, it's a mobile app
even when I place a static URL I don't see an image in Editor or Preview

Hi @herzla!

Would you mind sharing an example URL you've tried? It seems to be working for me inside of a Detail View :thinking:

Does this URL work for you? ""