Iframe not showing Grafana panel/dashboard


As the title says, I'm trying to add a simple iframe of a Grafana panel or dashboard but it just shows a blank white page. I can't see anything in the browser logs. The URL is open to all and I've enabled all permissions on the iframe.

Has anyone seen this before? Anything I can do to make this work?


Hi @dgoodbourn! According to Grafana's Embed page, you can embed a panel using an iframe on another web site. A viewer must be signed into Grafana to view the graph, and as of Grafana 8.0, anonymous access permission is no longer available for Grafana Cloud.

I went ahead and tried testing this out using the example from Grafana's website. The embedded link doesn't seem to work in Retool nor on their webpage either:

Have you been successful in embedding their tool in another application?

Ok thanks for looking. I've disabled login so you can just access the dashboards. That all works, and I'm not using Grafana Cloud. But as you say, just testing it in a quick HTML page isn't working, so I'll go a poke Grafana.

Thanks for looking but doesn't seem to be retool is the problem :smile: