If you rename a database, automatically update the resource names in queries

Right now if a query uses Resource1 and you rename that resource, it keeps pointing to Resource1 and errors out. It would be great if queries referenced a resource ID and pulled the updated name based on that.

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Hey Alex, this is definitely something on our radar. To set expectations, our current setup makes this a bit more complicated than we’d like it, so it’ll be some time before we get to this feature.
One thing that might be faster for you is you export your app, do a string replace for the old resource for the new resource and re-import it.

Has there been any update on this topic?

I’ve recently run into a similar issue after renaming a column in my query—I had to manually update the transformer code and also the calculated columns that use it.

@nacho no update for now, not on the near term roadmap :confused: