I use local hosting docker, but hosting is not working

I was working on hosting locally, but there was a problem in the middle, so I deleted the retool file. After reinstalling, I reset it, but retool is not running properly in Docker.

As you can see, api_1 and jobs_runner_1 are not running properly.

Log info is also here.
Since it is a paid account, it seems that the cause needs to be resolved.


Hey @jungsu!

It looks like there's a password mismatch here :thinking:

Had you set the POSTGRES_PASSWORD variable to something other than randomstring on your initial setup?

Also, is this the first time setting up your self-hosted instance or do you already have data in your storage database that needs to be preserved?

There is no information because I deleted the folder while developing with Retool Hosting. What should I do?

The POSTGRES_PASSWORD initially developed locally is unknown.

I see, can you try running docker-compose down --volumes to make sure your docker containers have been properly cleared before reinstalling once more in that case?

It may be possible to exec into your postgres container and change the password for your Retool user but it sounds like a fresh install is likely the cleanest way to do things here.