I got two beginner questions

Hey everyone,

I'm new to Retool and have been trying to troubleshoot a couple of issues. Haven't had much luck on my own, so I'd really appreciate any insights you might have!

Issue 1:
I'm trying to hide the nav bar UI with URL Parameters using _embed=true. The goal is to share a link to the app without the Retool UI nav bar showing up. But for some reason, I'm hitting a wall.

Here's my process:

Interestingly, when I manually added ?_embed=true to the URL, it worked.
But I'm stumped as to why I'm getting the # instead of ?.

Issue 2:

I've got an app that has its own nav bar. Each entry in this nav bar is linked to a different app, essentially creating a multipage app experience. Is there a way to download the entire folder containing every linked app? This would make it easier for me to share it, allowing someone else to upload the full app (comprising 4 sub-apps) in a single go.

Huge thanks in advance for any help!

Welcome to the forum!
Point 1: I think as an admin you are always going to see the Retool nav UI (Not sure who you are sharing the app with but also for POint 2: No that cannot be done (AFAIK)

Check out: Embedded apps with Retool Embed | Retool Docs
and Preview and share web apps with users | Retool Docs

Hey, thanks for your quick reply!

Regarding Point 1:
I'm looking for a way to view/use the app without the Retool UI when I share the link, even if the person accessing it is an admin. I thought this could be achieved with "_embed=true". When I manually add "?_embed=true" to the end of the URL, it works. However, I'm not sure how to set this up in the URL Parameters Settings to ensure it automatically appends at the end every time.

That seems to be an issue or maybe even a bug because I tried the same and it didn't work. But, again I am an admin. You would have to share the link with someone who is only a Viewer and see what they see because as admin the Retool nav bar may always appear....