I can't make filtering by multiselect work

Your docs tell me to do this, but it's not working. Any other ideas?

Hey Bon!

I noticed that there may be an extra closing parenthesis here? Do you get the same error message if you remove one?

I also tried this: image

(I'm checking on your suggestion now @Chris-Thompson)

And, @Chris-Thompson, no - even correcting the parenthesis, I still have errors:

Hey Bon — I see :thinking: the error here seems to indicate that one of these sides are not returning a boolean. Some SQL dbs can be more picky about boolean value formats.

Just to troubleshoot here, could you try passing TRUE instead and see if that makes a difference here? So something like:
AND ( {{ ( multiselect_year_month.value.length === 0 ? TRUE : FALSE ) }} ...
and see if that make a difference here?