I am not getting temporary state option in Retool

I am not getting temporary state option when I am clicking new button in my app.

Hi @Slimshadynick! Just wanted to make sure, is this the option you're not seeing in your app?

Could you also share if you're on cloud of self-hosting Retool?

Yes this is the option I am not getting on Retool. And yes I am on cloud.

@Slimshadynick Hmm, that's pretty strange behavior since you're on cloud :thinking:. Are you able to create a new app and see if the temporary state is available for you? Posting a screenshot of what you see can also help here :slightly_smiling_face:.

Same here. Unable to create a temporary state at all.


Hi @stefan! It looks like your team is self-hosting Retool on an older version that doesn't have this yet. You should be able to see this once your team upgrades to Retool 2.92!

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