How to use Utils.DownloadPage() as PDF

Hi, I am rather new to RETOOL. I find this Utils.DownloadPage interesting but do not know how to use this. Is this a statement to be used in a QUERY? If I use this statement in the PDF Exporter, it does not work. Sorry that I do not know......

Issue solved. Found how to use it.,

Glad to hear it, @SNMVR6 - can you share some details about what solved it, just in case it's useful to others trying to figure out the same thing?

Any quick notes on the steps you took, and/or some screenshots of your configuration in Retool would be awesome!

Hi KBN, once I realized it was a JAVA type query, I understood how to use it. I now use it to have a PDF created based on the screen. Standard usage I guess: utils.downloadPage("AuditView");

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