How to show username and allow logout?

I can not find any document about doing that.

Following the tutorial on, implement a custom authentication using the service on users/login

How to

  • display current logged in user
  • let user log out
  1. display user name - you can do the following:
    Logged in as: {{current_user.fullName}}
    Email: {{}}
    Group: {{current_user.groups[1].name}}

as for logging out, I have not implemented that yet so I don't know but search the forum and I am sure you will find something. - I think logging out will depend on your custom api implementation.

Hey Scott

Thanks for replying.
I think
Logged in as: {{current_user.fullName}}
Email : {{}}
Group: {{current_user.groups[1].name}}

returns retool account Name, not the custom authentication userName
or does the new account overwrite retool account?

How would you have a separate user from a retool account? I don't think that is possible but I could be wrong.

Never mind, problem solved, Client was giving me wrong information, I referred him to another victim.