How to set custom environment variables?

Yep - added to your Cloud account! @Pawel_Gniadkowski

Hey! Would love to be added to this please @Tess

Hi @Tess , Can you please add this feature to our Org EQRx cloud account?

Hi @Tess could you add this to my self-hosted instance as well? Looks like a feature that will directly solve a difficulty I'm having! Thanks

Hi @Tess
Can you also add my org to this beta please

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, there has been a recent change to this feature. Our internal team recently gated this feature, and it now only works for teams on the Team tier and above. This means that teams already using this feature on the Free plan will need to upgrade their account to a paid plan for it to continue to work.

As long as you are on the Team plan or higher (in other words, as long as you are on a paid Retool plan), you should have access to this feature by default (no need to ask for it to be added to your account). For self-hosted accounts, you'll need to be on 3.4.0+ to see this feature enabled by default

You can read more about the feature here in our docs.

@Nathan_Wagenknecht, @Manu_Rana & @bshah, apologies for the delay here! Please let me know if you have any questions about accessing this feature on the paid plans.

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