How to send Null to Mysql

I have a form that is updating a mysql database and I'm having issues with date columns

I'm using the dateInput and I've enabled the clear button to cancel any date selections. When I update a row, however, I'm not able to send NULL to clear out date columns.

I have a JS query to validate the input from the form and if the field is empty, I want to send null. Instead, the MYSQL query tries to send a string "null" or an empty string and the database ignores it.

If i hardcode NULL into the mysql query I can get it to send null, but not if I use a variable.

Is there a way to send null through a variable?

You may want to use a CASE statement in the mysql query

WHEN date == '' THEN NULL
ELSE date == {{yourdatevaluehere}}`

Though not sure if NULL would need to be in quotes as I don't have context without seeing the query...
But that's what I would try