How to send an attachment in e-mail

Hi, guys.
Can anyone help me send a file attachment in email using rich text?

I'm using sendGrid


Captura de tela 2021-12-13 155457


It looks like whenever you paste an image into the rich text editor it renders as html pointing to the base64 of that image. Sending base64 images directly via html like this is not supported in most web browsers. Here is an interesting SendGrid article that breaks this down a little bit.

You can send attachments via the body.attachments:

This requires a filename, the base64 string, as well as a MIME type. Our native file button component parses this out for you, but if you are trying to get this from the rich text editor you will need to parse the value string which can be a little more difficult. Here is an example using the file button:

Do you think this will work for your use case?\

hi, i'm trying to send a file stored on a repository https. il works but the attachement arrive .dat file. if i rename the .dat file in .pdf it works.

some suggestions for me?

Hey @maioradv!

What have you tried for the attachment type? application/octet-stream?