How to search through a paginated list (REST API)

I have a REST API that gives me paginated results (e.g. use list). I want to search and filter in my table the whole database not only the elements in that page.

Hey @curesw

You probably will need to check out your Rest APIs documentation to see how you can filter your results from within the query. Depending on your api, you can probably use different attributes of the table to filter the data.

For example, if your API had the ability to filter asc vs desc, you could reference {{table1.sortedDesc}} in your query. If your API allows you to sort by a specific column, you could use {{table1.sortedColumn}}

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. It will help in once case.
In another the API does not provide a search / filter parameter, yet. So I must pull the whole database (<1000 entries) and show it afterwards in a table where I want to filter/search.