How to run first query1 then after query2

Hi i got a form to insert data in a mysqldb, first i run the query #1 (works good) but i added another query like this:


but i think both query are running in parallel, no way to run first #1 and then #2? because the query #2 depends on a ID from the query #1

thank you

Which query is query1?
and what does query2 look like?

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ok first i got one form to add products

second: when i click submit it run query#1 (add product info to TableA with id generated from mysql as always)

then as i got another relation with TableB i need to add some info from the product (including the id generated in the first query#1) to that table too so i need to insert in two tables.

im using for both query the GUI mode

thank you.

Add query2 to the Event Handler section in the first query

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yeah thats what i did

but didnt sent to mysql the ID from the query #1

if you see this is my first table products with product id #1

i need to add the same id to this two columns in table B

so for each product created, one new record in table B will be created

what im doing is saving the ID from query1 to a temporal state1 and then i use it in the next query

Can you paste the second query here?

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i already got it working by using temp states

on query #1 to save the id field, and pass tru query2 and 3

query 2