How to reset the onboarding_db

I use the onboarding_db for learning and experimentation a lot. Is there a way to reset it back to the state it was in the beginning?

If no, will it be possible to export the database using pg_dump and then restore it with pg_restore?


Are you seeing any types of changes persist? I think you can change/insert values and you'll see the changes in your app (mostly for practice, testing queries, etc.), but I'm pretty sure they don't persist more than 24 hours or there is some type of auto clearing that happens.


Hey, thank you!

I'm not sure why I was convinced there was no such mechanism. Until now I've been reverting all my changes as soon as I make them.

I'll change a few items and wait 24 hours to see what happens :slight_smile:

Yes! Please, let us know if you need anything else!

I looked at the changes I did yesterday and they are still there. 24 hours have definitely passed. Maybe it takes more time?


I am wrong. My apologies! They DO persist! There's no way to actually reset the values of the database. Sorry for misleading you!

No worries :slight_smile: