How to render date/time in comment componet

I am using the comment component, which is actually capturing submit comment date and time but is not rendering for a particular comment, instead showing 2 minutes ago, How can I render the date and time for a particular comment for users readability.

Can you help me out, it's urgent requirement

There is no way to render the actual date within the comment component other than what is built in already - though you could put the comment component in a container with a text component for each comment and then render the date for each comment - this might be an over worked solution though. My suggestion is that you make this post a Feature Request

But each comment itself can't be put it into the text compont. I tried this too

You could render the comment in a text component each time a comment is posted but the user would see it twice....
Again, I think you should make this post a Feature Request

yeah, that's not a good way