How to render an array in retool

I have a query that returns an array as one element, and the array that might be of any length looks like this:

[{"status": "unredeemed", "code":"sdcwe3f"}]

I'd like to be able to be able to display just this array in a table. How do I do that?

Even better, I'd like to create a query in my database such that I could look up a code, and only see the array (or arrays) that contain that code, but be able to see all the elements in that array.

How do I do this on ReTool?

Hey @jburk and welcome to the forum! If you’ve got a query that returns this array, you should be able to get it into a table by putting {{ }} in the table’s “data” field (more on working with tables here).

What database are you using? A basic WHERE query should do the trick.

I’m using mongo, and I was able to get it working with a call to {{}}