How To Remove Multiple Views?


I'm really stuck here. Clicked the "Multiple Views" button on a container and I can't figure out how to remove this setting or even access or see the components nested. I delete the view in the container but it's shows it as still nested in view 1. Half my app is stuck behind a view that doesn't exist.



Hey Jeff! What steps did you take to get to this point? Did you enable multiple views and then delete one of the views? Trying to recreate this on my end!

Well, something strange happened. I logged in today to try and recreate this issue and it removed my sections from it's hidden "view" state. I have no idea how that happened. All I can think of is maybe something got stuck in cache and wouldn't update?

Here's a screen shot of where it is now. I'm back in business!

Hey @shutter.drag!

So glad to hear this is working for you. I created a bug report for this anyway in case we get other reports of this, but it definitely does seem like a one off issue (hopefully).

Let us know if this comes up again!