How to parse text to utf-8

Hi, there.
I have a button to import a file csv, but when the file is imported comes with utf-8 error

How do I resolve this error?

Hello @leosantosx! Is your button a file picker component or regular button component? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the right panel of this button?

My button is a picker file (upload button)

Would you mind sharing your CSV with us at so we can test it?
Alternatively, a screenshot of your left panel showing btn_importar_vouchers.parsedValue would be super helpful!

the file is in portuguese
File csv:


Aha! I was able to get this to work by using Mac's built-in Numbers app to export with UTF-8 encoding!

Export to... > CSV... > Advanced options > Text Encoding: UTF-8

I also read online (here's a Stack Overflow thread with a few different ideas) that throwing this CSV into Google Sheets and exporting from there works as well.

Here's the exported version of your CSV I used!

utf8template_voucher_pdv_modelo 2.csv (278 Bytes)

thank you very much, it worked! :hugs:

Que bom que funciono! Glad it’s working for you. Happy to help 😊

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