How to make a text input carry query data to an api call? (Twilio API)

I am attempting to make a text field that allows our team to send out texts using tags ( such as {{firstName}} ).

When I write the body of the text in the api call, it works fine.

But when I try to make the body dynamic by linking it to a text input, it sends tags incorrectly. ( "Hey {{first_name}}" instead of "Hey Hunter" )

Any ideas?

If I paste the same thing at the bottom into the top text input and then link it back to the body, it does not print correctly.

and yes, I know the text input isn't right. I was screen shotting for reference of problem.

Whatever is within the textInput.value will be passed along. So if you hard code “hey” in that value it will be brought into the api call

Gotcha, is there any kind of pass through I could do to make it identify the {{fields}} ? Right now it just posts them, brackets and all.

Your query should have {{textInput.value}} or {{car.value}}

Sorry, it usually does. Was just showing that the bottom works, but same message in the text input with the query linked as {{textInput.value}} does not return the same.

I think I am confused....
Your textInput can accept user input, correct?
What does the query look like that is supposed to use this information?...
"Hi {{name}}..." How is {{name}} being defined?

Here is a simplified version of what I am attempting to do. How do I make this actually return with the data of the query?

Your formatting is not correct. I will repost tomorrow as I don’t have the time to rewrite this at the moment. Take another look at the documentation in the meantime if you can.

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Hey @hunterwbak! Ideally, would you like to return data from the query? Where are you passing the additionalScope to?