How to make a query for every row in list view?

I'm trying to build a view, where I can add qualifiers to some text. I'm doing this with list view, where I have a row for every text field. I have added a multiselect List box to every row, where you can select the qualifiers from. I want to preselect the qualifiers already stored, but how do I do that for every row.

If relevant my data structure for the qualifiers selected is a table with the ID for the text and the id of the qualifier. Then I have a seperate table with all the potential qualifiers.

Hey @Jonatan! Happy to help with this :slight_smile: I can try to spin up a quick example, but it might actually be easier if I'm able to see your data. Would it be alright if I stepped into your app? If so, feel free to DM me a link to your app! If not, totally okay. Just let me know and I'll setup some dummy data to try mocking your setup.

I ended up restructuring my data and handling it in a different way, so now I have it solved.

:+1: glad to hear it. Write back in anytime we can help!