How to integrate in retool?

Hi, guys.
As a retool beginner, I want to build my web app in retool.
This app is to integrate "".
First, I have to integrate account.
How to integrate account in retool? Please help me.
Thanks. Best regards.

Hey @IzumeAbe!

Would you mind sharing a bit more about how exactly you're looking to use within Retool? This is my first time hearing of the platform but happy to investigate how it might be integrated with you!

Thank you. Kabirdas
I want to build a web application. I have already signed in, so I have an account.
This web application allows users to create and manage campaigns using images and custom display criteria. The platform generates a unique QR code for each campaign, which can be shared with viewers to direct them to a landing page that displays the campaign images according to the specified display criteria. The app integrates with for edge storage.
Retool is used for the admin interface, which provides users with an interface for managing their campaigns, view real-time campaign metrics, update campaign settings, and perform other administrative tasks to ensure that their campaigns are running smoothly. It uses custom metadata for display criteria and click through and display counter for analytics, It uses Retool QR, Metadata Editor component and edge storage via api integration.
But I think first I have to integrate account.
What do you think about it? If you know about solution, please explain it.
Thank you advance in your reply.

:thinking: based on their API docs it looks like you may be able to interact with it using a REST API resource you'd just need to pass it the correct AccessKey header. Is the assumption that each person would be using a separate access key? If that's the case you might try having them log in to the resource using custom auth.

Does that sound like it could work?