How to include an array of strings inside of a column?


I'm attempting to display data inside of a table. My data for one of the properties is an array of strings, when I try and display this inside of the table the square brackets appear.

How can I display this array of strings inside of my table? If possible, i'd like to keep it's data type an array when looking up the table data using javascript.

Here's an example:
"id": 1231,
"names": ["John, Jane, Jack, Jerry"]

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 3.42.44 PM

Do you want each record in the array on it's own row? Or are you trying to remove the brackets and quotation marks from displaying in the table?

I'd like to keep everything in its own row and remove the brackets and quotations when displaying on the table but when looking up the data {{ }} the column "names" is being returned as an array of strings, if possible.

Hey @ovryu!

You can try editing the "Mapped value" field in your column to be something like the following:

Does that work?

Curious if @shu might have a different approach as well!