How to identify and close a modal opened from a table's custom column (modal type)

Hello, in my table Table, i have a custom column "Show Detail" which is Modal type.
I would like to have a Save button to save the operation from the modal and close it. However i'm not able to find how to refer to this modal. I can't find it in the Components list.

Any suggestions on how to have a Save button on the modal to save and close, rather than closing form the window closing X on the Modal window?


Hey @zd1122!

There's actually a similar question here though the response is a bit buried. Table modals have somewhat limited functionality compared to standalone modals so a common pattern is to create a separate modal and then open that from your table as described in this thread. If you do that you should be able to use yourModal.close() to close it from a script or just use an event handler:

Does that work for you?