How to get file path from fileinput

I try to call an API, which requires filepath as a parameter.
but I can't find any property that contains the filepath value.
any ideas?


Hello Akechi,

Thank you for writing in!

If you select the fileinput component and then open the left-hand panel you can see all of the available properties and methods. Could you share your API's request parameters? You're saying you think it needs the file path of your local machine? :thinking:

Happy to help you with this issue!


Meant to share this screenshot!

I know the property list, but I didn't see anything like a file path!
this is a screenshot I sent to API support, the only place left they can think of is the file path.

lowlevel error 400|690x364

how did you link an image there, all I can do is upload a file.
I think I shall somehow get the path from fileinput and send to API as a parameter.


Sorry about the delay. I just attached a screenshot using Shift + Command + 4 and dragged it into the message. Should work for you as well!

Were you able to get this working or are you still running into any problems?

hey, thanks for replying. I don't think file inputter has a file path property.
But I called api with other tool, so it's not a problem any more.
If there is a way to find the file path in retool, it's still good to know.

ah , clicked wrong post, post above is replied to you.