How to get edited and non edited rows from table?

I'm using CSV upload option to add few records to a table.

All the columns are editable.

I want to save all the records inside mongoDB. I'm using insertMany option for this.

But only the records which are edited are being returned with below option.

{{ table1.recordUpdates }}

If I use table1.displayedData, the original values from CSV are being shown.

How do I get the latest data with the edits made while some rows would not have been edited?

If you want to get all records with the edited ones slipstreamed, you can do an array merger between .displayedData and .recordUpdates and send that to Mongo.

I did that once, but don't remember in which app so I have no code to share, so will leave you in Google's good hands!

:thinking: there's a way to do it with changeSet:

{{, i) => Object.assign(row, yourTable.changeSet[i])) }}

I imagine it's possible with recordUpdates if you have a unique id column people have reported using it before, curious to see what people's preferred method of doing this is!