How to get a public URL in self hosted version?

I use the self-hosted version and tried embedding it into my site and after embedding I can't get past the login page, so realized we need a public URL. A public URL is available only on business and enterprise plans but for self hosted version there is no business plan.

Is there any other way to get a public URL? I don't mind paying $50 but enterprise plan for 1 user doesn't make sense.

It is a bit urgent so would appreciate a quick response!

Feature availability by plan is something you should take up with the Retool sales team :-). We can't really help you with the community forum on that.

Hey @ritvik_singhvi! Public apps aren't currently available on the Free or Starter plan, but we are actually working on some new ways to embed Retool. Let me check with the team working on this feature to see if I can share any insights!

Would you mind sharing a bit more about your current use case? If it's sensitive, feel free to DM me!

we want to embed retool on our site and we have embedded it but after logging into retool it doesn't do anything.

is there any other solution to this? except a public URL?

Ah, so you'd like to embed Retool and still be able to login? This should work! :slight_smile:

Could you clarify what you mean by Retool doesn't do anything?