How to create Custom Column that enriches the data from API

I'm trying to add a Custom Column that pulls data from an API based on information from the same row of the table.


Name, Score
Nick, C (to be pulled from API)
Sara, A (to be pulled from API)

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@NikoNYC I think I understand what you are asking.... so I would say an selectRow event of that specific row would then populate the custom column?
Or you could also chain queries together to get all of the data after the first one loads the information into the table..... maybe some context of your set up will help...

@ScottR a button can invoke the query to populate all of the data in the table.

Imagine I have a table with names and student IDs and I want to pull their grades from an API to add them in the same table for each student. The API only has StudentID (as a key)


Yep, so you can add a custom column that gets the grade based on the studentID.value from either on rowSelect event or an Action button in each of the rows. OR you can write a JS Query to take the result set from one API and combine it with the API to get the grade and then populate the table with all of the data... let me know if you need more direction...

Can you please point me to any documentation on how this is done, the simpler the better :slight_smile:

@NikoNYC There really isn't documentation with respect to writing the js query to run but to get that to run, you would add an action button and when clicking that action button you would run the js query that uses that selected rows student ID. When that query completes it should populate the custom column's selected row with that student's grade.

However, the best way to do that is to write a js which combines all results in one result and then populate the table.