How to create a table where app user selects fields?

I have a use case where the app user will be generating a table based on the form inputs from another app (data stored in Snowflake). Is there a way to allow the app user to select which fields to include in the table?

You would have to create a temp table in the db or use localStorage to hold onto that data for the other app to read it. Temporary state won't work because that is refreshed when the app is loaded. AFAIK

Hey @StaceyG :wave: Confirming what @ScottR mentions here :+1:

Hello @ScottR @lauren.gus Actually, I was able to go to the Retool Office Hours on Tuesday and they showed me how to do this using a multiselect list (using the fields as an array), and then mapping the table to the selected values in the list. It works beautifully!

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