How to change tab order between select fields

I have a form with a sequence of select fields. When tabbing between fields, it moves correctly through the first nine, then it tabs through the final three out of order. The screenshot shows how it skips one (from 9 - 10), rather than moving left to right across the bottom row. How do I correct the tab sequence?

Hmm! Quick check. What are the names of the 9, 12, 10 components?

Hi @victoria they are visualRace, visualIssuerName and visualDocumentType, respectively

Thank you! Do you know the order they were created in? I’ll test a couple theories!

Gosh, I really don't remember if I created them in the order they are on the form or not.

Haha no worries at all! I’ll play around with a couple things to check

Tabbing through is working well for me (for now). Even when I switch the order of the created dropdowns. Would it be possible for me to step into your app to take a look around? If so, feel free to DM me a link to your app! If not, happy to keep troubleshooting other ways :slight_smile:

Hi @victoria I removed all of the out-of-order fields and re-created them in the desired order and it seems to be tabbing correctly now.

Sorry you had to do that :person_facepalming: Glad it's working now though! I'll follow up with the eng team to double check the behavior here.