How to capture camera

I want to make an app to use on a pc that captures the camera using a webcam.
There seems to be a barcode scanner.. Is there any possible way?

Hi there @honoru, happy to help! You will likely need to use a custom component or our iFrame component to utilize a camera and/or microphone inside of your Retool app.

Here are the custom component docs for reference:

Hello @Jay, thank you for replying.
I'm trying to run it with the react sample below, but it doesn't work. Can I get some help? It would be nice if I could get the camera link sample code.

Hello, please check the comments below.

Hi @honoru, I don’t think there’s any way to get the same functionality on a webcam. On desktop, we aren’t able to get device permissions from within the sandboxed JS. You may be able to pull this off with mobile. Check out another community thread here about this!

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is there any way to use the launch scanner button on a mobile phone to add the scanned barcode into a form field?

Hi @pete82, you should you be able set the default value of your form field using the values available to you from the left-panel. In this case, it would be {{}}.