How does the Time component handle time zones with no date?

How does the Time component manage time zones if there is no date? How does it handle daylight savings time?

Does it just assume the current date? If so, how do I manage future dates that may be an hour off the current date?

I notice that with Manage time zone on, the value looks like 12:34:00.000-4:00. Is -4:00 the current offset from GMT and that may change to -5:00 in November?

Hey @bradlymathews!

The Time component gets the time zone based on the date and location on your system as you mentioned. To manage the appropriate time zone for future dates you might try using the Date Time component and storing the value in UTC (not sure if you can see it in this gif but the time value shifts from recognizing the timezone as being -7 to -8 when the date changes):

Otherwise, if you're setting the date with a separate component you can dynamically (the date selected here is Feb 1):

Does that work?