How do you access the audit logs

Hi - I'm on a cloud hosted Business plan and I'm trying to access audit logs. My team would like to understand app usage and which ones can be deprecated. After reviewing the docs there's this snippet for where to access the audit log - " To access it, visit /audit." I've tried adding /audit to the end of my app url with no effect. I've also tried it as a subdirectory in the url - no luck.

How do I access the audit logs?

Hey @pcgeller!

Audit logs can be found by clicking your profile in the top right corner, or by visiting

Let me know if you can find them!

Thanks for getting back to me Victoria - I'm going to and the page redirects to '`. My permissions are only at "Creator" though. I'll try checking through an admin account.

Awesome! Admins can control creator's access to the audit logs, so that would be great to check :pray: