How do i get an array with all the countries?


I'm trying to get an array with country names via rest but i'm having trouble to extract or sort it.
Here is how the output of my rest-request looks like:

The only way i found to get the information i need was by adding:

return {{rest_countries.rawData[1].name.common}}

to the transformer.

That is the output:

Of course it only shows a specific one due to the number [1].
If i try it without it, i get an error:

How do i get an array of the country names in order to use it for a dropdown list? and can someone point me into the right direction on how to solve this in the future? Is this Javascript?

And what else do i have to add in order to reference my sorted list from the app (let's just pretend that my transformer is working)?

Is it:
return {{rest_countries.rawData[1] => }}

Figured it out!

I used: return {{ =>}}

But here is the followup question:

How do i sort it Alphabetically?

return {{ =>}}